Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitative Services

St. Joseph Nursing Home has contracted with PORT RehabCare to provide rehab services.  Located in over 2,000 hospitals and long-term care facilities in 46 states, PORT RehabCare is the leading provider of rehabilitation services in the United States.

Components of this care are:

  • An initial evaluation of physical and functional abilities.
  • Development of treatment goals and a rehab plan of action.
  • Coordination of necessary therapies.
  • Coordination of discharge and assistance with services in the home.

We want your transition to home to be successful and safe!   The recommendations of the therapist will include any adaptive equipment necessary to facilitate you with your mobility and independent lifestyle.

The goals of rehabilitation include:

  • Return to prior level of functional mobility.
  • Maximize independence in activities of daily living.
  • Increase mobility and improve self-care skills.
  • Education on available resources.
  • Community re-integration.

Diagnoses that we can treat through short term rehabilitation include stroke, hip and knee replacements, fractures, degenerative joint or disc disease, spinal stenosis, arthritis, dysphagia, cardiac care, and other debilitating conditions.