Senior Pathways



Welcome!   Each stage in life has a path that opens before us.  Sometimes the path is easy and clearly marked.  Oftentimes, the path has many choices, is confusing, or appears to be dangerous.  As our loved ones age, challenges (i.e. disease, finances, housing, driving, etc.) come to them and to us.  The path does not seem clear, and we need a map to make good decisions and stay on the path.

St. Joseph Nursing Home, through generous funding of the Good News Foundation, offers directions to help caregivers and their loved ones stay the course as they age. Senior Pathways serves as a clearinghouse of links and articles that will guide families as they face the issues of aging.  It is clear that information is power.  It is our hope that you will find the links to other sites that will help you make the necessary decisions for the best life for your loved one. Remember, you are not alone!